3 Life Lessons Made In Chelsea taught me

The title of this post may have already led you to judge me, but please hear me out. I can't really hold it in any longer. I'm ashamed (and secretly) excited to say I have a problem. 
Sort of like bieber fever but for a group of 20 somethings whose handbags and watches probably cost the same as my monthly rent.

I am a Made In Chelsea superfan.

The situations are horrific, the silences are cringey, and yet if T-shirts were sold with Francis Boulle face on them, I'd be the first to ask 'where' and 'how much?'
So much so that I've tricked myself into believing that I've learnt valuable life lessons from the hour I spend weekly with Millie, Spencer and Jamie. Here they are:

It pays off to be persistent

Andy is a wonderful human being. Why? Because I have never seen anyone be so uncomfortably persistent. One season he wanted Louise, and the next they were in love and skateboarding down the streets of Chelsea together after he stole her from Spencer.

I don't condone this behavior in anyway, but I often think if we had the same level of persistence with things in life we could get a lot further than we realise.

Whether it be pushing ourselves to do more work than we usually do, working on a part of my character you've let slip, or being more positive.

The ability to have self- belief to know that you can achieve anything is uber important if you have goals in life you want to achieve. Faith, works and determination are beautiful God given things to practice. 

Sometimes life can be beige

I don't know if you've noticed, but it appears that no one in Made In Chelsea seems to own clothes that aren't black, white or brown. My friend once said that the whole program looked like it had been instagrammed.
Something I've come to realise is that life isn't always going to be consistently exciting, colourful and crazy as we'd like it to be. Sometimes it's literally just life.

Before going to a music performance uni, I was convinced that I'd be trading in my books in the pursuit of becoming destiny's child's fourth member. As many time as I've added a fourth harmony to 'Survivor' in my bedroom, you've probably guessed that's never happened.
But great things are happening and I'm LOVING the journey I'm on right now. I realised that life shouldn't be based on me waiting for the big exciting moments, but learning to love and enjoy the everyday, normal and boring routines we constantly face.

I've even often found that the wonderfully life changing events occure when I'm content or I'm not looking for them.

Life can be a party if you want it to be

I think the cast of Made in Chelsea have as many parties and spontaneous holidays as the average human has breaths. Within one phone call Spenny made to Jamie, they had planned a whole group trip to Spain for the next day. I genuinely believe I've spent longer deciding whether I'm going to have coco pops or crunchy nut for breakfast.

All in all, we may not be able to hop on a jet at the click of our fingers, but we can certainly take something away from the friendship of the 'lost boys'. It's not about where you are, but it's about who you're with and who you take with you (cheesy I know).

Whether they're in France or Spain or London, they're evidently always having fun together. In this same way, I've found that the experience I share with different people around me usually make a bigger impact than I realise.

Making sure you surround yourself with positive people who will benefit you and you can help in return can make the biggest difference!



The next time any of you have an impromptu trip to Barcelona/France or anywhere where it's sunny for more than an hour, please take me with you?!


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