Meeting Luke Lehemann | Stylist for Vogue UK

Last Friday I had the privilege of having a lecture with the wonderful celebrity stylist Luke Lehemann.
Not only has he worked the hair of some rather nifty individuals such Pixie Lott, The Noisettes and La Roux, but he has also worked for a little magazine called Vogue (you probably won't of heard of it.)
In this lovely 2 hours he gave us an in depth, fun, yet realistic insight into fashion within the music world. This involved an overflow of his own witty and wonderful life stories about him finding his own style as child. As you can guess I pretty much loved every millisecond.
 We also had the opportunity to get personal style tips and advice as artists!

He even did a demo on my friend Emma, who said she felt she wasn't quite sure how to style her hair for gigs as it usually remained naturally sleek and straight. The amount of volume he gave her within 10 minutes was pretty crazy!

All in all it was an insightful and lovely afternoon. Inspired!


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