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I first met the wonderful Richard De Soussa Silva earlier this year at a gig we both played at The Star in Guildford. Not only is he one of THE coolest people you will meet, but his combo of soulful vocals and folky lyrics make a perfect and unique blend. Born in Brazil and now living in London, it's no doubt that everyone will know about this talented 20 year old soon... watch out!

We chat Bruno MarsBrazil, and the New Year...

What made you first want to pursue a career in music?

I think I was always sure about what I wanted to do from an early age, but for a long time I was into acting and I actually turned down going to University to peruse my music career. 

Being born in the wonderful land of Brazil, has that influenced your music in any particular way?

100%, my cultural background is a big part of my music and ideas. What ever I write I always try to include that Brazilian vibe, and I think a lot of people can see that's what I try to do and they seem to love it. 

Is there any subject or setting in particular that inspires you to write lyrics, or does it just 'happen'?

Hmmmm, that really depends on the song. Each song has it's own time period but most of the time it kinda just hits me, and then all I do is perfect it at the end. 

Being a musician, I understand that there's a ridiculous amount of hard work that comes along with following that career path. Have you come across any particular challenges as an artist?

Always! There's always going to be small battles to get where you want to be. For me, I have had many many failures and pressure but you have to take that all in and keep moving forward. It will all be worth it in the end! Just keep fighting cause giving up is no opinion, even if you do feel like giving up sometimes. If you have a dream then you have to sacrifice so much for it, then when you get there it's all tasty baby! 

You've been gigging quite a lot recently, particularly around London! Has there been a particular gig in your career that's stood out to you as your favourite?

Defiantly the gig at Barfly in Camden! Performing to 300 people and supporting Jackie D Williams. I think that was the most craziest time of my career! It wasn't the biggest crowd but the attention I got was insane and that got me on BBC Introducing which was also a big thing for me.

Since the release of your last EP 'Long Story Short' (which I loved by the way), have you been working on anything else exciting? Any big plans for the new year?

Thank you very much and I must say I've been loving your too! Yes, I have something happening for the New Year and I'm very excited! It will be announced very soon after Christmas so watch out for that.

Exciting, we'll definitely keep a look out for that! If you could give some quick advice to anyone who wants to pursue music as a career, what would that be?

Don't! I don't want competition! Haha Just joking! I think if you want to become an artist, just be prepared to fight and suffer for it because it's a lot of hard work. It takes time and if you keep at it then you can get where you want to be, so be prepared to fight for it. 

The quick fire 3...

Sum up your view of the music industry in 4 words... Different, Amusing, inspiring, madness 

The one food you couldn't live without... Man! I absolutely can't live without meat! I love it! 

A song you wish you wrote... Deffo 'Just the way you are' by Bruno Mars. One of the biggest love songs ever written! Plus that would get you so many.....never mind haha 

You can have a listen to Richard's music here:




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