2014 | Bucket lists, bills & expired student cards

It was the moment I was queuing in Topshop with a bunch of items out of my price range, that these 5 words shook me to the core: 'Your student card has expired'.

Saying that the future 'just hit me', since graduating university would be a complete understatement. In fact, in 2013 the future happy slapped me around the face with bills, unmet expectations, responsibilities; *insert other boring life problem here*.
Meetings with old school friends now consists of reminiscing about 'the good old days', and discussing who is most likely to have kids first (we're 20 by the way.)
It was somewhere between one of these conversations, and making Pinterest boards on my dream house, that my perspective changed. I devised a plan. To turn over the leaf of my year (cheesy I know), create a bucket list of outrageous goals and plans to accomplish whilst I'm 21.
A lot of wonderful and amazing things happened between 1993-2013. Some times when change arrives, we can spend the present worrying about the future or even longing for the good times we've experienced in the past.
Setting goals that challenge you to follow dreams, or take you out of your comfort zone can be an exciting way to start your year. Not only can it keep you motivated, but it can give you something to look forward to when life is not turning out exactly how you hoped it would. 

Whilst researching, I found this lovely website called Bucketlist.org. For anyone who has a bunch of crazy ideas and dreams swimming around, this is a perfect place to put them all, so you can brainstorm/tick them off as they come and go! 
Knowing that God has planned out my life gives me the comfort to step out, and not be afraid to try new things, succeed, and even to fail. If He's got me, what the harm in trying?

The plan is to blog about some of my goals and dreams as I attempt to tick them off this year!
Let's see how this goes...
Happy 2014 all!


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