Where have I been: Gigs, London & Tea for one.

I love people! But I also adore spending time on my own. Last week I had a beautifully scrummy breakfast on my own in a restaurant by the Thames, on South Bank. If you're around Waterloo, check out a lovely restaurant cafe titled Le Pain Quotidien. A place where you will drink tea from cups with no handles, and consume croissants galore with THE best cherry jam you will ever eat. Fact.


The day before that, I had the privilege of supporting The Hargreaves in the gorgeous pizza Express Jazz Club. It was wonderful - probably the fanciest a most beautiful pizza express I'd been to. Upon finding the venue, I was informed by a stranger that the grand house that the club was in had once been home to a famous Russian ballerina. That made perfect sense to me upon seeing where the place hid - behind an elaborate gate in a gorgeous stone building on kings Road.

 Not only were The Hargreaves and Nick Howe - the other support - a real joy to listen to, but being in   London after so many months became a nice break for me.


The following day I found myself noseying around London on my own, surrounded by families, couples, and friends. And then there was me. I loved it. After spending time with large crowds of people, I often need time to recharge and have some time to myself.

 By recharge, I mean after moments or days spent fueled with adrenaline, or pouring out my emotions into particular projects, I need time to relax, gain energy, and make sense of what I've spent time doing. People would often find it weird that I'd have the time of my life gigging and constantly meeting new people; and then I'd spend the next few days alone, going for walks, writing down thoughts, and catching up some New Girl.

Being alone also gives me time to reflect - something I haven't had much of a chance to do. This year has already been crazy busy - hence the shameful lack of blog posting! But I thought I'd share with you some of my highlights over the past few months in picture form, just so you can have a gander at what I've been up to! Here they are:
I recently had the privilege of supporting the gorgeous Harleighblu at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham. Not only was she very nice, but the stage presence of that lady had me from the word go. Other supports included Rob Green and Rosanna O Brien - two lovely and equally talented Nottingham based human beings.


A couple of weeks after, I supported Ayanna Witter Johnson at The Contemporary, and even got the opp to sing a duet with her. Definitely something I will always remember. If you haven't heard of this lady, she is a complete BOSS on the Cello. Definitely check her out!


A couple of days before playing at the pizza Express club, me and my band filmed a live session with the promo channel Nusic. The video session should be out on May 5th, and will include 2 songs and an interview with myself :) I'll make sure to post it on here when it's done! www.nusic.co.uk

I also filmed a session with wonderful prisma clothing. An independent clothing brand which specialises in sweet self branded tee's, beanies and a range of other clothing. You can have a little listen on their YouTube channel. Be sure to check out their shop, as their new range is out now! www.prismaclothing.co.uk


Have a fabulous day!



  1. Hi Joy, my name's Renee! I'm from New York. I recently stumbled upon your YT page, and I'm hooked on your vids! (New subscriber!) You're so hilarious and seem very down to earth, as well. I have a blog also. It's very new, so I actually only have two posts (sad, I know XD ) but, maybe you can check it out sometime. I really just wanted to say that I think your an amazing singer, and you have such a lovely personality, and I wish you all the best with everything you do! You may not be a famous singer (at the moment) but, just know you already have a fan over in America, and I'll be sharing your song covers with everyone. It's my dream to study in the UK one day, and if I do I hope I get the chance to see one of your live performances. (who knows we might become friends :D) Aaanywhoo, like I said, you have a really lovely soul, Joy, and I hope you never change. God Bless. x

    ~And srry if this seemed weird or creepy it TOTALLY was not meant to come off that way! XD

    1. Renee!
      Thank you SO much for the comment (it's not weird at all!!) If you've seen my baby food YT video, you've probably guessed I'm not that normal haha! I'm so glad you're enjoying the videos, thank you so much.
      Ahhhh awesome, you should totally aim for that. It's actually a dream of mine to visit America one day, you never know what can happen!
      I'll definitely check out your blog :)

      thank you again lovely!


    2. Thanks, and you're very welcome!! :D


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