Packing for a secret trip

I have to admit - I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to packing. 
When it comes down to filling a suitcase for a trip, outfits are organised for each day, items are laid out in rows, lists are made. Things - get - real!!

Tomorrow I'm taking Eliot on a secret trip somewhere in Europe as an early birthday present. 
So today I was faced with the impossible task of filling a cabin sized bag with a week's worth of things - which I managed, to my absolute shock. No one can tell me miracles don't happen.

It may seem a little obsessive to lay everything out, but I find it gives me a clear idea of what items of clothing I can chose to mix and match throughout the week. This is pretty much why I prefer to display objects -like my shoes - rather than keep them hidden away in an unknown pile. 
That way I can clearly see what I need & what I don't.

If you've seen my What's In My Bag video, you'll know that this weird attention to detail is essential for someone like me, as I have a severe case of 'Mary Poppins' syndrome... (over packing!)
Another b-e-autiful tip for packing lightly, is to ditch the folding. Roll roll roll it all in. You'll be so surprised how much more you can fit in!

You can keep up with me whilst I'm away via good ol' Instagram.




  1. some great tips! i'm the total oppopsite when packing - just shove everything in there and hope for the best haha! have a wonderful trip xo

    1. I don't blame you - it's a million quicker to do that, I'm just a little odd haha! Thank you so much!


  2. ahahahahahahahahahah its kinda weird but cute at the same time joy !!! its so sweet your taking eliot on a suprise trip !!! we saw ure video btw on yt and the concert you held OMG SUPER AMAZING..

    we are moving to the netherlands this december so exited to able to explore and travel !!!!

    xx niina andberry

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much ladies! That's so exciting that you're moving! You're going to have such a fab time, keep me posted!



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