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This is the beautiful Shan Smile. I came across her Reload Session on YouTube a couple of months ago, and instantly fell in love with her wonderfully rich vocals. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessssed with full, silky, soulful voices. Hands down - Shan's got them!

Here is my interview with the lovely 21 year-old London-based songstress.

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of you, how would you decribe your music?
I would describe my music as acoustic soul, inspirational. But then again everyone has different perceptions when they receive my music. It's a bit of everything.

I first discovered you after stumbling across your Reload Session on YouTube - which was absolutely beautiful by the way! Who or what is the main inspiration behind your songs?
Awww thank you Joy! 
Ultimately God is behind it all! The story He is creating for my life just humbles me and gives me the urge to give back through music. Also this gift I have been blessed with, I can't take it for granted. I thank my Dad for introducing and training me in music too! I have studied music all of my life and I love it, therefore I always want to portray this through music (whether that's through covers or originals).
Having studied music in London, I can imagine you’ve had the opportunity to visit and play at a lot of cool and quirky venues. Do you have a particular venue which is your favourite to play at?
Yeah! There are some really cool venues and events happening in London these days! I have to give thanks for that too because I've lost count of the amount of venues I've performed at lol. Let me think back... I've performed at Proud Camden a lot!! I have to say I do love that venue and the area! The regular gigs I did there (particularly with the Success Express promoters) I had the opportunity to perform so regularly, meet new faces, hear new music and try out my new material. 

What’s been your favourite gig to date?
That's a big question! Is it okay if I name 3?
1) My EP Launch is definitely number 1 on that list! The journey of my EP release will always be one to remember.
2) I managed and performed at the Reggae Icons Launch event (April '14). I love Reggae music and it was like no other event I've experienced. 
3) Performing at Theatres such as the Indigo O2 or the Edinburgh Playhouse - which is known to be the biggest seated theatre in the UK. I performed there with The Magic of Motown cast. Both venues were mind-blowing to perform at and I'm a lover of Motown music too!
If you could duet with any artist, who would that be?
These questions are getting harder and harder lol. I'd love to duet with Mali Music or Ledisi! They're great singers/musicians. Truly gifted, I feel blessed whenever I hear them!
I must admit, the thing I adore about your page are the positive quotes and messages you post! How important is it to keep positive when working in the music industry, and have you always found it easy?
Amen to that! It's not easy to stay positive in life, let alone the music industry! You will come across many different experiences that can cause a great affect on us, people (we can't expect too much from each other, we are all imperfect humans), no's and much more. It's a tough industry! 

Things are rapidly changing! But we still remain humans! No matter how far you get in your career you are still human and people forget that. It's also important to stay grounded in the best ways you can. I try and keep that 'attitude of gratitude' for sure! Also, if someone's in a position of influence use it to for the good because that's really needed right now! 
We'd be surprised by the difference encouragement can make to others. Everyone has their own struggles in life and I try to reassure people through my words and actions that they're not the only one, and that they can get through it and be stronger out of it!
What are your top 3 tips for anybody who wants to pursue music as a career?
1) Don't give up, just stay focused and open learn. If you know it's your calling, pursue it. There are so many resources out there to help us with each step of the way and to become the best we can. 
2) Practise, Practise, Practise! You can't go wrong there. 
3) Enjoy the process! Document the journey! You'd be surprise to see how far you've come!

What does the future hold for Shan Smile? Anything exciting you’re currently working on?
Me? I'm doing those exact 3 points just mentioned lol. 
To be specific, I am in no rush, I'm just focusing on developing my skills - in singing, guitar playing and songwriting and the general creative process. I do hope and plan to release some new                 music in 2015. Exciting times!

If you'd like out to check out Shan's music, have a little look below!

Twitter: @ShanSmileMusic


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