My social media shut down \ When your hobbies & Work Collide

Happy 2015! I know I'm over a month late... but better late than never right?!
I have to hold my hands up as I'm VERY guilty for neglecting the blogging side of the internet - particularly over Christmas & New Years. But I do have a very valid reason, I PromiseLet me explain.

Have you ever had a moment when you've spent a month solidly revising for an exam, or working ridiculously hard in a job situation... then suddenly stopped & realised you didn't know how to rest?
Your work is handed in, then your holiday or weekend starts, and yet you're still frantically checking emails from the crack of dawn in case someone needs you.

You are not alone. This happened to me towards the end of 2014 and it gave me a bit of a shock. Mainly because I honestly believed with all my heart that I… Joy Mumford… was THE Queen of rest. Part of me truly believed that spending an entire day in bed watching Modern Family, and only occasionally moving to fetch biscuits and more cups of tea was a skill; one that I had well & truly mastered. (Please note that not everyone can participate in such activities. A modern Family, Tea & Biscuit marathon takes unique level of dedication)

However I found that because a lot of my work involved being online, it became harder for me to switch off in the evenings. Within a year of finishing uni a lot of my hobbies became my job,which also meant I didn't know how to separate my work & my leisure time.

So over christmas & New Years I decided not to film, edit, or write for work purposes, and spent really small or no time on social media. I know the thought of this sounds like a prison sentence to any of my media or online work buddies, but believe it or not... I didn't die. It sounds so dramatic because it's all so simple, but I actually had the most amazing time. This gave me the opportunity to read more, spend time with friends & family, and go out and do things that I previously had been too busy to do. Finding ways to spend my spare time that didn't involve scanning the internet daily, watching lots of TV, or checking my phone often, forced me to get creative & rediscover who I am, and what I actually love to do.

Taking time out to enjoy the simplest and beautiful things in life left me inspired, ready to give more to those around me, and ready to take on new tasks for the new year.

The picture above is one I drew during my internet detox. I hadn't picked up a piece of paper to draw anything for about 4 years before this (mainly because I vowed never to pick up a sketch pad or paint brush after the horror known as A Level Art *shudders*). It reminds me that when work or life is getting a little bit too crowded, I actually have the choice to strip away the complications, slow down, simplify it, and find the beauty in it all.




  1. Hi Joy! I'm Qee :D I'm a new reader here. I love the idea of internet detox! I've attempted to do this before but it lasted for only a few hours. I just...simply can't resist myself from checking my social media accounts every 5 minutes smh... How did you do it? Do you have a list of plans / schedule to distract yourself from the internet?

    By the way I love your covers on Youtube! x

  2. Hey Qee! Thanks so much for the kind words, I'm so glad you like the covers :) It's so hard isn't it?!
    I personally found it really helpful to fill my time up with other activities I enjoyed during the times when I would usually be online! So I bought a bunch of books and started reading more, went out for walks and did little things like baking cakes or going out for coffee. If I did feel like going online, I gave myself limited time on it for each day.

    Also whenever I needed to post something on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, I'd delete the apps from my phone straight after (it becomes a bit of an effort to reinstall them everyday so I didn't feel like going on them as much haha).
    It feels hard at first, but it's all a mindset thing. There's so much life going on around us that we don't see until we look up from our screens :)


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