Wandering down Portobello Road

Happy Monday all! I had a recording session last week that finished earlier than usual, so I took a little wonder around London with my camera. The session was a 15 minute walk away from Notting Hill, so I decided to have a nosey down the famous Portobello Market. The market is crammed with quirky shops selling tons of unique home goods, clothing items, and general knick knacks that can't be found in your standard high street shop. 

I find that when you spend so much time travelling on the underground, it's easy to miss out on some of the interesting characters and sights that you'd encounter whilst walking around. It was so lovely having a couple of hours in the sun to have a stroll and soak in my surroundings. 
An antique junk shop on 68 Golborne Road


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  1. Portobello Road looks wonderful - I definitely need to plan a trip there! x


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