I wish I was the girl who could buy into sales without questioning the underlying motives of the seller... but that's just not me.
When it comes to cosmetic products being on sale, my internal being runs through a series of the following questions - why is this wonderful moisturiser so unnaturally cheap/whats wrong with it/where's the health risk? I then imagine myself googling the product and being met with a scandalous Daily Mail article entitled "I used *insert product name here* and now I have no face." Awful and dramatic I know.
However I came across Nip & Fab in Boots whilst searching for a exfoliant face wash to help reduce the appearance of pores. A few of their products were on sale, so after some pondering and a swift google search, I decided to take a chance and give the Glycolic Fix Serum and the Glycolic Scrub Fix face wash a go. I've been using both products for about 3 months now and in all honesty, I was left pleasantly surprised as I've definitely noticed that my skin is a lot clearer and brighter. The overnight serum has been particularly helpful for kicking any unwanted spots to the curb, whilst giving my face a smoother & tighter appearance.

I recently decided to invest in the Glycolic Instant Fix Mask, and I was surprised to find that my face looked noticeably smoother after washing the product off. It works as a great pick-me-up for skin that needs a boost after a long week. All in all, I'm a fan! 

All the products have a small percentage of glycolic acid in them, which is why they're so effective. If you're thinking of purchasing an exfoliant that contains some sort of pore-targeting acid, I'd definitely recommend checking your skin type and knowing what works best for you beforehand.
I'd also recommend investing in a good moisturising sun cream, as skin can become sensitive to UV rays after exfoliating or using glycolic acid based products.


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