Princess Diaries 2 is currently on TV. Yes my friends, I'm officially living the Sunday afternoon dream. For me this day is very much about reflecting, lightly planning the week ahead, spending time with family... and resting.

My first step for the ultimate Sunday afternoon chill sesh is music. There's nothing like a little bit of nostalgic 90's Soul/RnB to set the mood. Today was definitely an SWV - Right Here day. 

Other artists on my Sunday playlist: Donnell Jones, Norah Jones, TLC, John Mayer + Ben Howard. They're a very dreamy bunch.
Second up is a pre-church breakky packed with protein & veggies (my favourite way to start the day.) I'm a massive fan of eating like a king in the morning. A happy belly means enough energy for a day filled to the brim with work  errrrm... relaxing.

After a church sesh with my family, I love to spend a bit of time catching up on a bit of YouTube/blog related tasks, journalling, plotting for the week ahead + reading. One of the books I have on the go at the moment is Jenny Colgan's 'the loveliest chocolate shop in Paris.'
I am a complete sucker for culinary themed books with a dreamy setting. If you are too, Jenny Colgan is definitely your woman!

(Below is Dr. Watson, my chill day partner in crime. I always take comfort in the fact that he is definitely lazier than I am)

I'm the most impatient person when it comes to allowing my nail varnish to dry. Painting these babies on the go is a no no for me - somehow it always results in my hands looking like a crime scene. Today was the perfect day to apply some fresh paint so I went with 'Feather Stitch Dreams' by & other stories.

And..to top the day off, momma made some fresh scones...
Did somebody say tea? Don't mind if I do!



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