I never noticed my feet were big until other girls pointed it out - just like many of the other 'flaws' I stumbled across later in life. You may be reading this thinking that having size 7/8 feet isn't a big deal at all. Neither did I until I was constantly reminded about how different they were compared to those around me. 
Having small feet used to feel like a dreamy genetic bonus; like being born with dimples or obedient hair that does what you want it to do.  After many jokes were made about my 'clown feet',  horrific images of me having to wear wooden clogs for the rest of my life would flash before my eyes every time I entered a shoe shop. 
At one point I was fully convinced my feet were so large that Channel 4 would probably ask to  feature me in some sort of 'freak people' dispatches documentary.
Fast forward to my -hopefully- less dramatic self today, and I can honestly say I freakin' love my (socially labelled) large feet. They're the ones I was born with and although I do tend to trip over from time to time, they don't make me any less feminine than a dainty pair of size 4's. Now and again we all need a little reminding that there is no correct body shape for a woman; even when it comes right down to her toes, size 2 or size 20.
So for those who can relate, I've narrowed down the many benefits of large feet to just 3 of my favourites:

1. Sales 

Let's skip 60% of the time when your size is no where to be seen on the shelves, and let's fast forward to the sales. I've found that sales for large shoe sizes are exactly what dreams are made of. Why you ask? As bigger feet are less common, there's always a large selection of shoes around during the sale season.  For some reason, when those 50% signs are up, the size 7+ shoes come out to play. 
People often complain about not finding bigger shoes in the sale; however just like any sale, it all depends on where you shop.
I've always found that Topshop, River Island, Zara and New Look have been particularly good to me in the sale season!

2. No Lost Shoe Situations

It sucks not being able to share shoes, but at least no one will ever 'accidentally' misplace yours. In a house share or party situation, it's very unlikely anyone will ever get their shoes mixed up with yours when you're one of the few with larger feet. I like to believe in my little heart of hearts that the glass shoe Prince Charming found only fit Cinderella because she was the only size 9 in the land...
Too far?

3. The Feet of Queens    

If that doesn't convince you... Beyonce, Scarlett johansson, Michelle Obama, Oprah and Audrey Hepburn are all part of the large feet clan (hurrah).
Proof that you can be equally sassy in your size 10's.

If you happen to be size 10 or above, check out Isy B for a selection of beautiful shoes for larger sizes. Or if you fancy designing your own shoes from scratch, check out Shoes of Prey!

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  1. Beautiful post, Joy and so relatable! I'm a size 9 girl myself, and always find that I get very self-conscious when it comes to buying shoes; especially when it comes to sneakers. I have to ask,
    do they look big?" at least fifty times before I purchase them lol. Thankfully, I'm also not as dramatic as I used to be when it comes to my shoe size, but when it comes to sneakers I still feel the need to get high tops because I think they help downplay how long my foot is by just a smidge. It's almost like a 'just incase' kind of thing.
    Thanks again for this lovely post! Oh, and I loved the Cinderella example. :] <3

    1. *high five* Don't get me started on sneakers haha, I feel you girl! Especially when it comes to having to try mens sizes...
      Thankfully we are not the only ones, we are in good company :)


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