Happy Thursday folks! 
So this Monday I attended Bloggers Fashion Week in the very funky OXO Tower Wharf. The Bloggers Hangout hosted the event, and I must say they did a fabulous job. Snapchat stories we being made left right and centre, photos were being snapped and numbers exchanged. The place buzzed with excited bloggers and a great variety of beauty, fashion, and accessory brands.

I attended the event with my friend Rahul and LA fashionista Ella (The Style Get Up) who recently moved to London. Me and Ella met via YouTube a while back, so it was lovely having the opp to meet and have a giggle in the flesh! 
*cue fuzzy iPhone selfie here*
I adore going to meet ups, gigs, and any kind of creative social event. I feel like there's something very contagious and inspiring about being around passionate people - whether it's to do with food, music, fashion or faith. As amazing as it is to try different products, I honestly get more excited listening to the stories behind them, learning about the brands, and meeting brand new faces. 
There also was a DJ set + a cocktail bar serving yummy sweet inspired drinks!

All in all, I had a good ol' time. I shot some clips during the day, so I'll be putting a video together for my YouTube channel soon. In the mean time you can check out my Instagram (@joymumfs) to see what I've been getting up to on inbetweenish days!

I'm currently cat sitting a ginger cat called Gizmo who is the perfect lounge-around-and-do-nothing partner. What are you up to today?


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  1. The photos are really amazing , it looks like you really enjoyed yourself . Thanks for sharing this moment with us.


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