Last September I ventured into the magical Scandinavian land of Denmark. And let me tell you folks; I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm still not over it. I am head over heels in love with all things Nordic - particularly the interior design.

Every coffee shop or department store I entered somehow resembled 95% of Pinterest. Clean, bright, minimalistic, a complete blogger/modern day Apple lovin' hipster's paradise. There's a reason why these simple looking rooms have completely taken over Instagram and Pinterest. Because they just look so...so... freakin' good to stare at!

Now I will say as much as I enjoy light, simplistic rooms, too much can begin to feel lifeless and a little boring. I love minimalistic design with cosy, inviting elements, and a clear splash of personality on display (because not everyone wants to sit in a living room that looks like an igloo.)

Colour, texture + shape have the powerful ability to turn a plain Scandi style room into something that's a lot more homely and personal. Here are some of the basics of simple Nordic interior style...


Plenty of neutral or light earthy colours such as whites & greys give a space that open, clean, simple feel that we like so much. Adding accent colours are great for adding personal touches and building character. This could be in the form of metal accessories, art, flowers, accent walls, or general pops of bright furniture.  Pastel pinks, dark grey, duck egg blue, and touches of black are the norm in Scandi interiors as they work like a dream in bright spaces.


Does anyone else find looking at design versions of boring items unbelievably satisfying? One thing that caught my eye in Denmark, was how some everyday items resembled art. I have no idea how it's possible to make essentials such as cutlery look 'pretty', but they did it! When it comes to shape and design, they CLEARLY have it down to a T. Anthorpologie, H&M Home and Urban Outfitters have a great selection of ordinary items such as vases, candle holders and lamps in quirky designs. Gold, silver or copper accessories and interesting geometric shapes are perfect for sprucing up any window cill.


Mixed texture is also a big feature of the cosy-winter Nordic look. Faux fur throws, knitted blankets, fluffy cushions, rugs and plants are great examples of textured items that can add the Scandi feel to a room. All we need is some hot chocolate and a log cabin to put it all in...


The photos in this post aren't my own. They have been found on the wonderful site of Pinterest!


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