Have you ever felt like having a sit down with life just to ask where on earth it's taking you? You are not alone, we have ALL been there. Last week I started reading a new book called 'Cure for the Common Life' by Max Lucado. It was placed in my hands as a time filler for a week long family trip to Wales. In the end I ditched all my reading material for the beach and pretty much spent all my time with the mountains - what can I say? The outdoors was calling me...
I'm only 4 chapters in so far, and I've already been challenged way too many times (seriously Max, you're amazing but please can you give me a break from all your wisdom?!)

One of my favourite lines in the book is "No one wants to live out of someone else's bag."
Why is this basic statement my fave you ask? Mainly because it's SO simple and yet it's an idea that's so overlooked in life. What is the use in modelling your life after someone elses, when we all have a special unique purpose?
When we're trying to figure out what to do with our lives, it's so easy to compare ourselves to those we know or see. We think: He's living life in this particular way, so what am I doing? She's super successful, maybe I should give that a go? I can't sing or dance, AND I hate reading... what on earth am I going to do with my life?

Well let's take it all the way back to the basics shall we? What do you enjoy and what comes naturally to you?  It may be the ability to manage finances like a boss, cook, quickly find solutions to problems, or simply be in a room and make other people feel at ease. Whatever it is, we all have a given gift, talent, skill or tool (whether you think yours is significant or not!) 

I can honestly say you're wasting your time asking me to solve ANY kind of long complex maths equation. I WISH that I could be a calculator in human form, but I'm not. I could probably spend the next two years studying the ins and outs of mathematics until I've got it all figured out; but it's just not my passion OR my gifting. However, give me a pen and paper, a camera, or a piece of music, and I'll be right at home.

 When you find where your passion and talent cross paths, run with it! 
I'm a massive fan of pre or post uni gap years. Usually people overlook them because it can be seen as a way to avoid responsibility or the world of work. I honestly feel like giving yourself time to think about what you truly love and do well can change your life. 

17 years ago I didn't know it would be possible to make music for a living. 2 years ago as a uni graduate I never knew that I'd find so much love for filming and editing. After studying a vocal performance degree and getting my first proper camera, I never looked back. When I wasn't working, writing or singing I spent time geeking out on camera tutorials & editing tips. I NEVER knew both passions could eventually open up amazing work and social opportunities. In some cases, you may even end up going on an adventure to create a job that fits your passion.

 So if you find yourself in a rut about what you're wanting to do in the future, take it back to the basics! What tools do you already have packed in your bag?


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