The other day I met my lovely friend Lucy for a much needed catch up. In true British fashion, we ended up spending our morning the best way we knew how - filling ourselves to the brim with a ridiculous amount of tea (oops). We decided to head to a lovely cafe called Thea Cafea which have a large tea selection and a mighty fine breakfast menu. 

You may have already guessed that I went for the full breakfast with all the trimmings - sausages, eggs, the WHOLE shebang. As much as I love porridge, I’d happily consume a plate of eggs and bacon any day. I also had a pot of Darjeeling - which has become my favourite go-to tea this year. The only problem with tea fuelled catch ups, is that it usually ends up getting cold whilst we talk for hours on end...
The cafe is easily missable as it's tucked away from the main street, hidden under an alice and wonderland style walk way. 



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