In a recent Instagram post, I expressed my sincere adoration for Mindy Kaling. You see, in my head, we're practically best friends. She knows exactly how to make me laugh, she's ambitious, understanding, and her love for food is level with mine. For me, that practically screams best friend material.

Having read her previous book 'Why is everyone hanging out without me', I was keen to get my hands on the next one. Aside from her hilarious writing style, I really appreciated the fact that she let the readers into her world and her story. From her awkward childhood, to booking her first job, uncomfortable dating stories, and passionately pursing a creative career.  It's so easy to assume these days that people in the public eye are born blessed - especially in an Instagram drenched society where it's only okay to put your best foot forward. (Because let's face it, nobody wants to see another photo of your Nandos takeaway, we need to see pictures of you sipping mojitos on a yacht in Monaco dangit.)

'Why Not Me' addresses some of the major turning points Mindy has experienced so far in adult life. From learning how to handle Hollywood, making new friends in new places, and having her own show picked up, cancelled, then picked up again. It's always inspiring to see the successes in someone's life. It pushes you to think, 'hey, if they can make their dreams come true, maybe I can do this one day too.' However, the fact that Mindy shares the vulnerable and difficult parts of her journey is even more inspiring to me. It let's me know that even when things may be at their worst, there is hope. Even when you get knocked down in the most unexpected way, it's never the end and there's always more to be done. 
If you need some inspiration (and a genuine laugh) I'd definitely recommend this read!



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