You can NEVER have too many calendars, journals or project planners (trust me, I have about 7 for this year alone and I’m not even sorry about it). Am I the only one who feels like having a great notebook or planner just makes being organised even more satisfying? 
Because let’s face it, behind every Beyonce there's a team of stylists, backing dancers, and colour co-ordinated to-do list… right?
Anyway, I thought I’d share with you some practical tips and items that have helped me stay organised over the past year (and hopefully many more to come!)
I've included a run-down of my basic go-to organisation items, and my favourite organisation tips in my latest video below! 

1. The DIY white board planner.

If you’re the kind of person who likes your whole week to be displayed right before your eyes, a giant white board planner may be the right thing for you. Last year I found a canvas at home that still happened to be wrapped in it’s original plastic - perfect for writing info on and wiping it off again. I bought some white board pens, sectioned it off, and voila, I had a giant D.I.Y week planner.

2. Project planners

As much as we’d all like to be Mary Poppins, knowing your limits can be helpful when organising your week. I used to make the mistake of cramming a long list of tasks into one single day; resulting in a lot of incomplete or half finished jobs. Knowing realistically how long it takes to complete each task will allow you spread them out evenly over your week.
Keep it simple, and prioritise in order of importance.
My favourite project planners are by Cross Bow Printables - an etsy shop owned by a very talented friend of mine!

3. The diary

Sadly, I’m that person who can’t walk past Home Sense or TKMaxx without the books in the journal section crying out for me to adopt them. If you don't like faffing around with project planners, a good diary and calendar can be key for staying on top of weekly tasks.

2. Sticky Notes

These bad boys are great aren't they? Whether you like to use them for to-do lists or reminders, their versatility and convenience make them the perfect organisation tool.
(I now have a weird habit of using them to write cheesy motivational notes to myself and sticking them in random places. There's nothing quite like looking in the mirror in the morning, and having a sticky note remind you that you're going to have an awesome day..)



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