About 4 years ago I went on the hunt for a coat that would fulfil my one request - that I could walk around outside and still feel like I was wrapped up in a blanket. Surely that's not too much to ask...right? Anyway, after searching online I soon came across this vintage bomber jacket. Thick, warm, reliable, everything I could dream of for a winter companion.

Thankfully I happened to snatch this baby up for a low price in an eBay bidding war. If you're looking for a warm winter coat on a budget, I always recommend eBay. Especially for vintage coats. I always find that vintage coats have a unique ability that allows them to survive through years of wear - a quality lots of products lack today. What can I say, they don't make 'em like they used to!
On this particular day, I went for a country walk with my friend Lucy. I decided to pair my jacket with some skinny jeans and my Nike Air Max Thea trainers, the perfect combo for a comfy day out!

Thank you Lucy for following me around with a camera and putting up with my usual antics!



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