When it comes to the perfect everyday foundation, there are 4 things that are key for me:
1) A foundation that's long lasting - the less touch ups the better 
2) A natural looking face with a healthy glow
3) Makeup that feels and looks light on the skin
4) Products that work well WITH my skin type - ie. no breakouts!

That's not too much to ask...right? Well after a lot of trial and error, I actually feel like I've found a daily foundation that ticks the above boxes! 

I'd heard a lot about Estée Lauder's Double Wear Foundation through YouTube recommendations, and finally decided to take the plunge about a month ago. I headed into Boots, had my skin matched to the right shade, and left with a tiny sample to test out. If you're not used to trying out new foundations, I highly recommend going to your local drugstore and asking for a sample of the one you have your eye on. Testing it for a week or so should be a good indicator as to whether your skin likes it, and can ultimately save you from wasting your money.

I tested the Estée Lauder sample everyday for about two weeks (yes, and I still had some left over) and I was delighted with the results. When they say this foundation lasts 15 hours, folks...they are not kidding. I would frequently end each day checking for wear and tear to find VERY little. After that, I happily invested in a full bottle of the stuff and I've been a fan ever since!

 Lancome's Teint Vissionairre was the liquid foundation I used prior this, but I felt like I needed a change as I found that it never lasted as long as I wanted it to. However, it came with a long lasting corrective concealer lid that I actually really liked so I still use it to this day. Thankfully it blends with my new Estée foundation perfectly. I still think I'm going to keep my eye out for a new concealer though, so if anyone has any recommendations do let me know!

I also believe the right primer can make or break any foundation. I've got quite dry skin so I've found that the Laura Mercier's foundation primer works perfectly in my books.


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