When it comes to turning another year older, I've come to realise how much I'm satisfied by the simple things. It's the little touches that make all the difference to me; spending time with family, laughing with friends, a peaceful evening in to name a few. This year I thought I'd share four simple things I received on my birthday from some of my nearest and dearest. All of which are items that I adore, because they make the simple and ordinary moments in life that extra bit special.


Starting with a Lemon, Neroli and Lavender pillow mist from The White Company. After all the years I've spent spraying a tiny bit of perfume on my pillow before bed, little old me never knew the real deal existed. I know spraying your pillow with perfume sounds a little strange, but trust me, going to sleep surrounded by a calming scent makes dropping off all that easier. If you suffer from bad sleep, or you like to set the mood before getting cosy, this is great!


Who doesn't love receiving flowers? They're one of the most simple and beautiful ways to put you in a good mood. I received a lovely surprise bunch on my birthday, which I must say brightened up my room very nicely.  I'm also a big advocate for buying flowers for yourself, because...er, why not? 


I love cards because they say a lot about the relationship with the one you're giving them too. I received an Edward Monkton design card from one of my best friends this year, which I thought summed us up pretty well! Being able to step out of the norm, and design a card that feels personal and quirky is something I really appreciate - Edward, I applaud you!


I will never get tired of declaring my love for a good candle. Low lighting is perfect for winding down in the evening - especially when you've had a hectic day and you need some alone time! I wonder how long this Tilley candle will last for in my care... 

What are the simple, personal touches that make you feel special?


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