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If you've been following me on YouTube, you may have spotted my recent Spain travel diary. A couple of weeks ago, my sister and some of my oldest friends surprised me with a trip to the beautiful land of Malaga. It was filled with 5 days of tanning, eating stupid amounts of ice cream, and having some much needed relaxation time. It was also the first time I'd been somewhere hot in about 4 years, so let me tell you, the 40 degree heat didn't disappoint!

Me and my sis fancied a bit of sight seeing one day so we headed to Mijas, a beautiful little village in the mountains. We'd been told that it was a sight seeing hotspot for tourists, so we were pleasantly surprised when we were greeted by a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. For anyone who is familiar with Spanish culture, we arrived during siesta time, the daily afternoon 'nap break' which allows locals and business to shelter from the scorching midday sun. This meant the streets were very peaceful - perfect for having a lazy stroll!

We had a refreshing salad in a little alleyway cafe, had a look around the local shops, and spent some time generally taking in the breathtaking sights.  For anyone who happens to be visiting Malaga, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Mijas. The town is absolutely gorgeous - one of my favourite places to date. The white buildings and quirky streets really give this village that gorgeous Greek Santorini vibe.
Anyway, enough of the talking, here is Mijas in pictures...


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