I must admit, since I left Venice I haven't stopped raving about this place. Before booking the flights, I spent a couple of days scrolling through the internet to find an apartment that could be our little haven in between exploring the beautiful island. The whole trip was quite last minute, so a lot of the places we found were either too expensive for our budget, or generally didn't feel like great value for money. Then, after what felt like forever...we found it. This dreamy little Venetian apartment on Airbnb...

The style of most apartments in Venice are very different to the modern and minimalistic, design-focussed apartments that have taken Pinterest and Instagram by storm. The main interior decor theme consists of dark woods, antiques, and plenty of patterns with a vintage touch (so as you can imagine, this bright and adorable pastel place definitely stood out from the crowd during our search).

I loved going out in the day to see beautiful, grand, old buildings, to then back home to a completely alternative place tucked away from the tourist buzz. The location was also pretty perfect. As we were there during tourist season, the main areas were very packed during the day. Thankfully this little beauty of a place was located in a quiet street in the district of Cannaregio, a lively yet calm district that became our peaceful hideout each evening.

To top it all off, the hosts also left us a really sweet note and a welcome drink (how cute!?)
I don't know about you, but I'm definitely someone who pays attention to the small details - all these little touches are the things that can make a trip well and truly special. Anyway, enough talking, take a look...



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