When it comes to organising your life to make things easier, I'm a firm believer of small steps and small changes. I must admit it took me a while to realise this. I guess the self-help book addict in me just loves making drastic transformations when it comes to starting a new habit! I always used to think that sudden life changes would produce the dramatic effects I wanted. Why run 1 mile a day when you can run 6 miles once a week, right? Wrong. Oh...how wrong I was.
In some cases big changes work, but when it comes to building life-long habits, it's all about the little things. So here are 5 simple tips that started as tiny habits, and eventually became my organisation game changers.


A few years ago during my first year of university, I discovered the beauty of a to-do list. I know what you're thinking... a little late to the game right? It sounds super obvious but it's very easy to attempt to keep all your weekly tasks stored up in your brain. It only takes one missed deadline or appointment to realise that stepping up your list making game is SO worth it. Fast forward to a few years later, and I now live through my to-do lists. Writing a task summary at the beginning of every week, and a shorter list at the start of each day can really help you stay focussed and keep on track.

WHAT I USE: I love the feeling of having a place to keep all my to-do notes, so I like to use mini tear-off note pads. I have one for work related tasks, and another for any un-related extra errands so the two kinds of tasks don't get mixed up. I tried post-it notes for a while, but I personally found that keeping lists in a mini booklet is less messy - an extra stress you don't need when life gets hectic!


With the aim of attempting to be a little more prepared in life, I've recently become obsessed with collecting greeting cards. I'm a sucker for all things unique, so whenever I come across a card that I love, I like to buy it and keep it stored away until I can give it to the right person. If you find that you're often caught off guard when it comes to birthdays, or you always end up having to do a last minute card dash, this is particularly helpful. Buying cards way in advance or keeping a mini collection is handy to have, and also takes the pressure off finding the perfect one in a hurry! (Somehow my card stash is now slowly extending into gift wrap. I'm pretty sure there's some christmas gift wrap in there already...it's a problem okay!?)

WHAT I USE: My favourite card sets at the moment are from Tk Maxx. They stock a wide range from different designers so there's always something unique stocked in each branch - plus they're super cheap!


Never underestimate the power of having designated places to keep certain things. Do you find yourself constantly loosing all of your pens? Get yourself a pen pot. Tired of loose papers? Get yourself a simple paper tray or filing box. As easy as it sounds, extra storage is a simple solution to the 'I can't find the *insert lost item here*' moments. And the best thing is that organisation today no longer has to be bland or boring. There are so many different types of boxes, pots and folders you can get that make keeping organised...dare I say it...fun.

WHAT I USE: Rather than going plastic-storage crazy, I like to mix up the textures of storage I use. Something as simple as a concrete pen pot, a metal paper tray I sprayed gold, or a cloth laundry basket has helped my space feel fresh, creative, and leaves me ACTUALLY wanting to put things back where they belong.


Now, there's nothing wrong with keeping all your appointments and dates stored on your phone. It's convenient, easy, and you can set up real-time alerts and reminders that keep your time keeping skills in check. However, I also find it helpful to keep my appointments and dates on a physical off-line calendar. If you spend most of your time on your phone or working on a computer, checking a physical diary or calendar can add a tech-free pause of relief in the middle of a hectic day. I also find it's particularly helpful to see everything you need to do physically laid out before you. Writing out plans for your whole week requires you to really take the time to think carefully about what you're doing. This can help give you a better sense of time, and therefore help you shape your week in the best way possible.

WHAT I USE: I recently started using a Kate Spade 2017 planner, and my my my it has changed my life. Not only does the design of it make me excited to plan my month, but each section has enough space for any extra information I need to throw in there too!


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