All sorts of lifestyle changes can take its toll on our skin. I always find that a change of season is a big one for me. As the UK's chilly months begin to roll in, I like to switch up my skincare regime to give my skin that hydration kick it craves so much. Here are my current winter skincare favourites that do just the job!

Avon Facial Cleansing Brush

I tend to find that my skin always feels a lot dryer the colder it gets, which can result in a few rough patches here and there (whooo...not). Thankfully this skin buffing brush from Avon works like a dream. The rotating brush head on this little guy gently buffs the skin, removing any dead cells as a result. Not only does this help prep my skin for pampering, but it also leaves me with that healthy, fresh, glow that usually appears during summer months. I like to use this about 1-2 times a week - skin is sensitive after all so I try not to overdo it!

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash

I like to pair the cleansing brush with another favourite of mine - Simple's moisturising face wash. I've always been a fan of Simple's products for how effective yet affordable they are. I love to use this face wash daily, in the morning and evening, as it always leaves me feeling refreshed and hydrated. The moisturising element is super important as I tend to find that some facial washes can leave your skin feeling even dryer than before. But not this one, oh no. This beauty is perfect for cleansing skin without stripping away all the essential oils it thrives off so much!

Tropic's Deep Hydration Soothing Cooling Mask

Next up we have a face mask favourite - Topic's Deep Hydrating mask. I recently mentioned this product in my October Favourites video as one of my monthly beauty faves. This mask is filled with natural ingredients (super berries, jojoba oil and coconut to name a few) and always leaves my skin feeling super supple and soft. The best thing is that there's no limit on when or how many times you can use it, so it's always there on hand when my skin needs the ultimate moisture boost.

Anti-Ageing Vata Cream by Samaya

I've recently started to incorporate this beauty into my evening skin care routine, Samaya's Anti-ageing Vata cream. I usually put this on just before bed to let it work it's magic overnight. If you haven't heard of the brand Samaya, they have ranges of holistic products that work wonders for different skin types. This particular anti-aging cream is part of the 'Vata' range, which works to nourish dry or delicate skin in particular. Oh, and it smells deeeevine.


Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

It feels like I've been using Aveeno moisturising lotion for about forever now. I'm all about multi-purpose products, so when I found that it worked so perfectly on my face AND body, I had to hold on tight. And let me tell you folks, it hasn't let me down yet!

Do you have a favourite must-have winter skincare product?


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