If I had to leave the house with only a handful of things, there's no denying that lipstick would be on my list every time. Being the lipstick junkie I am, I'm always on the hunt for new ones to try out. I've recently been trying five of Avon's new range of True Colour Supreme Nourish Lipsticks. The full set of lipsticks range from nudes, right through to deep reds and purples, but the particular five shades I've been using are on the darker and sassier side of the colour spectrum (my favourite)!
The first thing that stood out to me was the rose gold band detail that wraps around the containers. I'm all for little touches that make the experience of getting ready that extra bit special, so I feel like this adds a nice luxe feel to the stick, (and they also look nice if you like to keep any products on display in your home)!

Colours from left to right:
Conditioning Cherry
Red Creme
Sublime Wine
Rose Revival
Sumptuous Berry

After the big matte lipstick trend, the idea of trying something nourishing really intrigued me. 
My skin tends to be on the drier side so I generally prefer to use products that have moisturising qualities if they're being applied anywhere on my face. I was pleasantly surprised with how effortlessly the lipsticks glided on when being applied. They almost feel like a very subtle gloss on application, without the shine or easy smudging. Plus, they all have a gorgeous light scent that feels very fresh to each colour, and light coloured swirls throughout the actual lipstick that create a really pretty (almost magical) marble effect.

I like that they don't feel too heavy or cakey, but they still have enough pigment in them to pop! However I wouldn't say they are completely long lasting, as I usually have to do a few touch-ups during the day - particularly after eating. I also found that the lighter shades needed a couple of coats at a time, as they are more sheer than the darker shades.

Overall, I think this range makes for a lovely everyday lipstick - particularly for those who like the option of building their lipstick depending on the occasion. 

Do you have any recommendations for lipstick's I should try next? If so, I'd love to hear them!


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