Summer is well on its way to the lovely UK, and it’s officially time to get those shades on! If you’re all out of money but want to make sure you have an amazing (and productive) summer with your best friend, then here are a few great ideas that won’t cost you much, will create lasting memories for both of you, and could lead to even more exciting things down the line.


No money? No problems. If you want to feel like you have a whole new summer wardrobe, get your friend round for a good old sort-a-thon. There are 3 reasons why you’ll love this; number one, you can finally clear out all those old jumpers and knitted scarves cluttering up your drawers, number two, you can pop them all in a bag and give them to your local charity shop (good deed, tick!), and number three, you can swap clothes with your friend so you both feel like you have a fresh new summer wardrobe. If you fancy taking this project a step further, you can get your creative hat on and use your old clothes to make a couple of brand new garments. Even if you’ve never held a needle and thread in your life, give it a go, you could end up with your new favourite skorteeshirt (that’s a skort and T-shirt combo, by the way). 


This is a favourite for those writer besties out there. Have a brainstorming session about things that you both have in common and feel passionately about. Maybe it’s baking? Maybe it’s binge watching Pretty Little Liars? Maybe it’s your shared love of cacti? You can choose literally any subject on the planet, because you’re only writing this for yourselves. Choose a subject and get to work on taking exciting photos together, writing blog posts together, and just generally documenting all the fun you have. It could be a casual project for the summer, or you could love it so much that you end up turning it into a full time occupation. Who knows?


If you’re in a bit of a long distance relationship with your best friend, and don’t have the time or money to travel back and forth all summer, then it’s a really fun idea to go old school and write letters to one another. No, not WhatsApp messages, actual paper letters. With pens. WhatsApp is great and all, but never forget how much fun doodling is! Sit down with a pen and some sheets of paper, and write a good old fashioned letter to your friend. It can be hilarious and full of personal laughs, or serious and full of the big life questions. Either way, pop it in an envelope with a stamp on, post it, and ask your friend to write back. You’ll be surprised how much communicating with your new pen pal reminds you of your school days, and how much fun it can be...time to invest in those gel pens again perhaps?


If you want to make it a productive summer as well as a fun one, then taking an online course together is a great reason to hang out more! There are literally hundreds of online courses out there, many of them totally free, and while we all say we’re going to complete them, it can be hard to stay accountable on your own. Team up with your friend and pick a subject that you’ve both always wanted to know more about. You could learn how to paint together, or learn Spanish like you always talked about, or finally dust off that violin that’s been under your bed all these years. It’s less about the subject you pick and more about the fun you’ll have learning alongside your friend, but of course it’s always good to pick up a new skill. 


The only thing better than curling up by the fire in winter with a good book, is laying out in the summer sunshine with a good book! If you love lazing around in the grass with your sunnies on then a book club could be the project for you guys. Head to Waterstones, or a local charity shop, and chat about the genres and authors you like, then create a list of books that you’ll both read over the summer. This gives you an opportunity to check in with your friend and find out where they’re at in the story, what they thought of the book when they finished it, if they totally fancy Augustus Waters too, that kind of thing. Any excuse to chat books with friends is a good one, so go get your literary club on. 

Planning your own summer project? Got a great book to suggest for a book club? 
Comment away! 

By Caitlin McAllister x


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