No matter how organised you are, I think we can all agree, moving house doesn't always go to plan (take it from the gal who swears by making to-do lists for everything).
It was a Saturday not too long ago we rocked up to our new flat, boxes in hand, to be greeted with some surprises. We found a few pieces of furniture that the last tenants didn't want, one of the things being this giant black wardrobe. 

We had planned to buy a new wardrobe that weekend, but the one left was in such a good condition, it almost seemed like a waste to have it taken away. After all, I can name very few people who want to end their moving day by attempting to put together an IKEA pax wardrobe from scratch. So after some umming and ahhing, we decided to treat this as a blessing in disguise and hatched a plan to turn the wardrobe into something that would fit right into our new home.
The main issue we had was the colour. Although it looked fine on its own, the black paint job swallowed the light in the room and made it feel a lot smaller. In the end we decided all we needed to do was paint it a lighter, airy colour, so we headed to Wilkos to find a one that could turn this into something special. After searching the aisles we found a colour that was the perfect: a light, statement colour by the name of English Sage. (I've always had a thing for pastel sage. When I'm old and I live in the countryside with my husband and 4 dogs, this is the colour my front door will be.)

Overall, I'm so happy with the outcome. The colour has created such a homely, cosy touch to the room that the black didn't bring at all.
For me, this is proof that it's also possible to turn an annoying situation into something positive. And as for the giant pouffe and 80's style drawers we found, they are in a better place now... 

If you want to know any more about this project, leave me a comment!


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