A Recipe For Nourishing Your Soul

How do you nourish your soul in the morning? Are you the kind of person who likes to take their sweet time prepping for the day ahead, or are you a get-up-and-goer?
As someone who wakes up with a million thoughts running through my head, the need to slow down and practice mindfulness in the morning is becoming more essential. Now, I say 'practice' because if I'm honest, it's something that I can be pretty bad at. The minute the sunlight hits my face, my brain goes into overdrive thinking about all the things that need doing, the things I should (or shouldn't) have said the day before, the unanswered emails and so on. 

For productivity, this readiness for the day can work like a dream. But hitting the ground running most mornings without slowing down to pause has occasionally left me feeling overwhelmed at times. Pressures of what needs to be 'achieved' can often leave little room for reflecting on the little things I did right, or checking in to make sure my emotional health is thriving during the busiest of times.

Today I was thinking about how much time I spend nourishing my body. Those closest to me know that I freakin love food. Big hearty breakfasts, avocado brunches - you better believe I'm here for it all! Over the years, I've witnessed first hand how making sure my body is receiving the right fuel  makes a huge difference on my daily output. It's important to me that I fill up with the good stuff so I can take the long days of running around for work.

But it's easy to forget that the nourishing of my mind and soul is just as important. My body could be fit as can be, I could be hitting all the right gym classes and eating well, yet I could still be left feeling anxious, confused, or low. And so on a day like today where I feel like inner-me needs a pick-me-up, I wanted to remind someone else out there to treat-yo-soul. 

Feed it. 

Read books that inspire you or listen to podcasts that make your imagination dance. Never underestimate the effect of delving into someone else's world or learning about something new. It could inspire your next big idea. For me, reading scriptures daily gives me the boost I need. Regardless of how exhausted or incredible I feel, I can always find something that I can relate to and encourage myself with.

Listen to it. 

Are you feeling low, sad, emotionally exhausted? Take the time to think about why. Identify those things that are draining you and think about what you can let go of or change to make the load lighter. If you're feeling joyful, excited and enthusiastic about life, think about why...and do more of it!

Be still. 

I don't know about you, but this is the hardest one for me. Insta seems to be filled with yogis and zen people who can meditate for hours, but your girl is just not one of them! Although I find it hard, taking some time to practice being still works wonders for starting the day on a calmer note. It's during this time that I get perspective, as stillness gives me the space to think about what is really important. 

Talk to it. 

We tell ourselves a lot of things on a daily basis that can leave a lasting impression on the way we carry ourselves throughout our day. I'm too thin, I'm too fat, I'm not going to be good at that, They won't wan't me there. Instead of repeating this sneaky self sabotaging tape over and over again in your head, make the effort to change the tune. I've written down some positive affirmations for myself that I say in the morning whenever I can. Instead of feeling defeated before the day has started, it leaves inner-me feeling energised, like I can do anything I put my mind to.

Take Note. 

When someone is working towards their fitness goals, they may use an app to track what they've achieved during an exercise session. Tracking your journey allows you to see your progress, it highlights where you could do a little better, and shows you where you can be kinder to yourself. Journalling for me does this. Writing down thoughts, feelings, struggles and things I'm grateful for is seriously therapeutic. It's also amazing to read about the progress you've made, and give yourself a pat on the back for how far you've come. Plus, who doesn't like a new notebook, eh?

What do you do to nourish your soul? Do you have a morning routine or is yours non existent? Let me know in the comments!

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