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 I'm Joy, a 23 year old UK singer-songwriter, and general liker of all things nice (especially tea & cake). 
Welcome to Life Of Zola, my little online box of treasures where I can share with you some of the hidden gems I find during this thing called life. 

Lots of lovin' 


  1. Hey Joy I love your blog! You seem like such a genuine singer, and I have to ask one thing. I am 21 years old, and love singing soul music. I just find it so hard to pick up the courage to sing locally- plymouth that is! do you have any tips or advice for getting into the scene and overcoming stage fright?

  2. Hey Debbie!

    Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like it!! I was pretty shy in the beginning, so I started out uploading covers onto youtube! It's a perfect way to perform, practice, and put yourself out there without having to be on a stage! For performing live, start playing at small open mic nights on a regular basis. The more you perform, the better and confident you'll become in yourself! Also, the more you gig, the more people will take notice of you! It also helps to have someone you trust come with you, who could give you beneficial feedback!
    (Most importantly, stick with it, and enjoy yourself!!)
    I hope that helps! (You've inspired one of my next blog posts, thank you!)

    Joy x

  3. I like you. You've got class. Great blog!

  4. You have an amazing blog !! Keep up the great work !! #motivation

  5. Joy I love this blog and you! Super proud of how far you've come, love and miss you lots! x


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